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PC Error Repair

As the Windows operating system has progressed from it's original inception so have it's error messages. When DOS was released it "only" had 2000 error messages. The latest release of windows has hundreds of thousands of error messages. Some of these error messages are difficult to understand and even more difficult to fix.Here Are some common windows error descriptions put in plain english hopefully :-)

The Program Has Performed an Illegal Operation

This error occurs when a program or application you are running performs an action that it is not prepared for. This message can occur at any time in the execution of a program. It is almost impossible to get the program or application back running. These errors can occur at any time and the only solution is to reboot your PC and start again.

Blue Screen Of Death - Stop Errors

This is the mother of all errors. BSOD or bluescreen errors are displayed when your operating system has encountered a critical system error. The causes of these errors is limitless but some of the main reasons include faulty memory, dodgy device drivers a corrupt Registry, or incompatible DLLs. These errors are either fatal or important enough that they require immediate action. If the error message says something along the lines of "Wait for window or press any key (or Ctrl+Alt+Delete) to reboot," then reboot. You can wait especially if you feel that you can fix the problem or the problem will fix itself but it's normally Ctrl+Alt+Delete.

Fatal Exception Errors

Fatal exception error means that an error cannot be handled so that a program or application can continue to run. The two main fatal exception errors are preceded by 0D and 0E. Fatal Exception 0D occurs when a program does something unusual or unexpected. In this case, the problem can be local to the display, to multimedia, or to other device drivers being corrupt. 0E is the more serious of the two FEEs errors can be caused by. Often, the cause will be a problem with physical RAM; another hardware problem; damaged or missing files; or a damaged Registry. The individual scenario and specific error message references should be consulted to help identify the specific problem.

Windows Protection Error

Windows Protection errors are caused by virtual device driver. To fix this error you need to boot the PC in Safe Mode and reinstall the virtual device driver in question. Numerous other problems can also cause a Windows protection error. The error message text states the specific source, such as memory, or a specific file or the Registry.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow errors are mainly caused by humans. When we mention humans we mean computer technicians or computer programmers. Stack Overflow occurs when a program runs low on a specific type of memory. The memory is called the stack, and it's used to store information for the program. he problem is that the stack has only so much room and a sloppy or damaged program can use up that room quickly. When that happens, the microprocessor must take over and rescue the program, lest it bring down the entire computer system. The microprocessor steps in by halting the program and issuing a "stack overflow" error message. The application will stop and either start the program or get a more up to date version of it that does not cause Stack Overflow errors.

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